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    LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants are high performance lubricants, oils and greases specifically formulated and engineered to handle the toughest Australian industrial and commercial conditions and applications.

    In conjunction with chemical engineers at the refining and processing level, LubeAlloy chemist have ensured that our premium base oils are enhanced with an exclusive proprietary additive to provide premium base oils that outperform other synthetics and mineral derived oils through improving biodegradability, oxidation and heat capabilities.

    Once in storage at the manufacturing plant, LubeAlloy chemists then commence formulating industrial and commercial lubricants that consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a wide range of OEM equipment. No other line of synthetic lubricants offers the kind of improved productivity, maintenance and repair savings, nor energy savings as a LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricant.

    LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants offers innovative PARA-SYN and ES-SYN lubricants that exceed the demands of automotive vehicles, heavy transport, construction, racing, industrial and more.
    The LubeAlloy company guarantees that you are purchasing a reputable brand proudly owned and manufactured within Australia, providing clients with access to the most sophisticated and successful concentration of lubricants blended from the exclusive PARA-SYN and ES-SYN base oils.

    PARA-SYN and ES-SYN synthetic base oils facilitate LubeAlloy to make superior lubricants, however it is the proprietary TRILINIUM™ advanced additive technology that provides LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants the exceptional characteristics to outperform.
    Through years of research and testing, chemical engineers have been able to separate the chemical bonds to produce derivatives of TRILINIUM and establish new chemistry applicable to industrial machinery.
    This new additive technology has allowed LubeAlloy to blend and supply lubricants that offer amazing additive technology in the following forms;

    •TRIOTHERM – For industrial gearboxes where EP type protection is required on yellow metals

    • TRISLYDE – Predominantly for applications of High EP automotive gear applications

    • TRISYNLEC – Provides exceptional boundary film protection and hydrodynamic thermal stability. The LEC (Lower Energy Consumption) improves fuel efficiency across all types of combustion engines in automotive and Heavy Duty Diesel.

    • TRISYNIUM – An advanced form of TRILINIUM for applications where high heat, load, moisture, low pour points are encountered.

    When PARA-SYN and ES-SYN base oils are blended with the exclusive TRILINIUM derived additives, this enduring, slippery film significantly improves lubrication and reduces wear by maintaining the oil film chemistry and toughness, which aids in prevention of metal-to-metal frictional contact.