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    Specialised Products

    LA Seale Skin Protectant Cream

    SEALE is the skin protector cream that is applied before and after work. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-septic compound that protects the skin from the penetration of paint, solvents, fuels, oils, greases, inks, adhesives, solders, battery acids, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fats, grime, in fact any substance that can be classed as carcinogenic.
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    LA 514 Diesel Fuel Conditioner

    LA 514 is the latest diesel fuel technology additive exclusively manufactured to compensate inherently unsatisfactory diesel engine operations and prevents harmful sludge and bacteria growth from accumulating in vehicle & fuel storage tanks.

    LA 514 will quickly and safely restore peak performance to ‘gummy’ injector tips. LA 514 keeps fuel injectors free of fouling deposits thereby ensuring that the injectors deliver to the engine precise metered amounts of fuel with the correct spray pattern so that the engine delivers maximum power development, smooth idling and instant, non-stumbling acceleration response.

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    LA 516 Penetrating Jamaican Pimento Oil

    LA 516 is a multi functional, scientifically developed penetrating lubricant for maintenance applications. It has a unique ability for metal surface penetration and a stay put quality where water is present to ensure the best result and maximum advantages.  Jamaican Pimento Heavy water is the exclusive carrier for this lubricant. The  unusual and unique benefits of this lubricant is that the oil is heavier than the water. LA 516 will penetrate deep into the metal pores to form a tenacious film that is hard to rupture. In the presence of corrosion, it will migrate vertically through capillary action to break down the ‘welding’ effect caused by oxidation.
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    LA 533 Supreme Lubricating Oil Conditioner

    LA 533 is not an additive but an oil conditioner. As additives are added to the base oil in production to meet API and ACEA standards, after-market resellers promote additives to boost the performance of lubricants. The additives, in the form of PTFE, sulphurous and phosphorous chemistry, are sold into the market place to boost engine oil performance. The performance that is required from additives is short term compared to the life of a combustible engine.
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