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    Canberra Truck Repairs

    “The customers that were using the LubeAlloy oils all made claims about the performance and longevity of use of these oils, a claim, I have to admit, that made me a little skeptical. What first piqued our interest in using these oils was an issue we were seeing in Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine ‘gunking’ up the top end of the engine. We noticed that all the customers that were using LubeAlloy oils in Series 60 had a dramatic improvement in the cleanliness around valve guides, lifter, camshaft lobs and springs, and were able to maintain this over extended oil drain periods. We sent our own oil sample for testing and this was confirmed by independent oil testers as to the integrity and stay-ingrade viscosity of the sample.”

    Abletts Transport

    “Abletts Transport have been using diesel engine, transmission and differential oils and greases from LubeAlloy since 2006 and have recorded extended oil drain periods and greasing intervals with successful outcome. In conjunction with LubeAlloy, truck oils are sampled and analysed as part of our pro-active maintenance program which has provided confidence to management and mechanics of the use of LubeAlloy lubricants … With use of LubeAlloy Grease, we have noticed a considerable extension in life span of shackle pins, universal joints and kingpins along with critical steering components when trucks are harder to bring in for servicing due to work or base location. In all, Abletts Transport has to date operated over 80 million kilometres of driving with LubeAlloy lubricants and in this time we have noticed a reduction in wear when engines and gear sets are dismantled for major servicing.”

    Divalls Bulk Haulage

    “At Divalls Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage we use various products from LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants. I can confidently recommend LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants after a business association of many years. I have always found LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants to be a reputable company to deal with that provides a good product and back up service to match. This all adds up to value for money.”


    “…Our Allis Chalmers 45” Cone Crusher is one of 2 Tertiary crushers which help deliver crushed aggregates to the ACT/NSW market with a through put of around 3000T/Day. The 45” Allis is an old crusher that requires some to operate with a temperature/heat tolerance in the main gear box and drive of 4-7°C due the bush style setup.

    In 2011, we encountered major heat and wear issues with the main drive shaft and the brass collar for alignment.

    We contacted LubeAlloy’s head office under the assumption that we required new oil to meet the ISO and viscosity grade specified by the manual. A Technical Engineer from LubeAlloy arrived that same day to discuss our requirements and identified that a more suitable viscosity would be of best practice. Concurrently, the technical engineer also recommended that they formulate oil that will improve the operational efficiency of the Cone Crusher. The outcome has seen a reduction in heat as witnessed by numerous gauges situated around the cone crusher, a drop in ‘Amp draw’ has been visible, and a reduction in repairs and maintenance to the main drive shaft as prescribed by historical data.

    Additionally, at the first meeting between company representatives, the LubeAlloy Technical Engineer was also told that the Crusher had to be operational by 6.00am the following morning as the machine had been down for the week and could the oil be supplied and in the crusher by morning. To the credit of all involved at LubeAlloy, that night at 10.00pm, the oil arrived so that we were not at a further loss to production.”