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    Technical Consultation

    LubeAlloy has a diverse range of exceptional lubricants that meet the needs of various industries. Many of the products produced have multiple purposes and are effective in a variety of conditions.

    The LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants product range has been purposefully designed in such a way that the customer can easily find the required product. Even so, the LubeAlloy team endeavours to exceed the expectations of all clients and offer technical consultations.

    A technical consultation will entail a discussion between the client and a member of the LubeAlloy team regarding the machinery and the allocation of appropriate lubricants for the task.Clients are welcome to request a technical consultation to determine products that are appropriate for specific machinery, or even to discuss the formulation of a specialised product in extraordinary cases.

    Requesting a consultation is simply done by contacting the LubeAlloy team.

    Oil Analysis

    The improvements produced by changing from poor-performing oil to a high-calibre lubricant can commonly be overlooked. LubeAlloy oil analysis monitors the changes of used oil samples to demonstrate the vast improvements of chemistry, wear, and contamination of the oil, as well as the life expectancy, productivity and profitability of the machinery.

    Upon receiving a used oil sample, the Laboratory team at LubeAlloy conduct an oil analysis to produce readings relating to wear, chemistry and contamination factors. The analysis is then compiled into a simple report for the client.

    Contained within the report are the following components:

    ·      A Condition trivector

    ·      Reference comparison graph

    ·      Final oil condition classification

    ·      A List of recommended actions (if required)

    ·      Data history table (where >1 samples have been tested for a single piece of                  machinery)

    ·      Data history graphs (where >1 samples have been tested for a single piece of                machinery)

    How to Read a LubeAlloy Oil Analysis Report

    For any further information or inquiries regarding these services, please email via the link below.