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    About Us

    Our Commitment

    As a lubricant Manufacturer utilising exclusive PARA-SYN™ and ES-SYN™ lubricants, LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants has continued to demonstrate that innovative lubricants can be formulated and manufactured in Australia. For over 20 years the company has maintained a philosophy to contribute to the national manufacturing industry through formulation, blending and packaging of all LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants in Australia.


    With a commitment to excellence and integrity with lasting customer benefits…….

    ”we continue that journey”


    LUBEALLOY’s growth is maintained via an organic process in which the high standards, consistent quality of products, and customer service are promoted through the word of mouth. The company is proud of the natural growth cycle through niche lubricant markets, satisfying customer expectations and profitability.

    Core Values

    Customers First

    As a customer-oriented company, our success being directly proportioned to the customer, we invest time into building strong relationships. We actively listen to make sure we fully understand customers’ needs and serve them efficiently, honestly and knowledgably with the integrity to provide professional advice.

     “When our Customers stay in business, we stay in business.”


    LUBEALLOY prides itself with formulating and supplying specialised and innovative lubricants. With the knowledge that our PARA-SYN™ and ES-SYN™ base oils are a leading range of oils, we are able to confidently deliver on our promise to provide world-class lubricants. We define quality by evaluating the components of our exclusive formulations and the process in which they are blended.

    We strictly maintain the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) testing and standards of requirements for ASTM, DIN, API, ACEA and JASO.

    “When Quality comes first, enduring business relationships and profit are logical consequence for both parties.”


    LubeAlloy guarantees quality of products from long term customer advocacy and support for machinery reliability and operational profitability.

    "Between 2011 and 2017, the inclusion of LA Specialised Lubricants at the Monaro hard rock crushing plant realised a maintenance and repair saving estimated at $1,000,000 on the primary cone crusher" 


    LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants has been built upon a passion for superior lubricants. As customers are our most important stakeholders, we provide support and technical advice required to make informed decisions for continual growth.

     We serve our customers competently, efficiently, honestly, and knowledgeably with clarity in all communication. 


    LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants are formulated for extended oil drain and service intervals. Since 1997, the company has demonstrated financial savings and increased profit to all aspects of industry.

    It is recognised that profits are essential for growth, prosperity, opportunity and liberty to both the end user and the company.

    "When our customers stay in business, we stay in business."


    LubeAlloy Manufacturing Australia has continued to meet the challenge of formulating high value lubricants for machinery and equipment. Through LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants, LubeAlloy Environmental Oils and LA Racing Lubricants, we offer innovative ideas.  Our commitment to innovation and quality has resulted in loyal customers that recognise our lubricants as world class.

    Mission Statement

    To manufacture and supply superior specialised lubricants, chemicals and fuel additives which provide value, added performance and profitability to our customers. We are committed to professional people providing professional sales knowledge, technical expertise and service with continuous improvement of our people, products and service. We are ordinary people striving for extraordinary results whereby hard work and opportunity, we will make our own good luck.