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    Oil Analysis

    The LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants Word Document Component of the Report

    The top of your report should contain the date the sample was tested, the company name, the oil type and oil details, and the details of the machinery from which the oil was sampled.

    Historical Data Analysis:

    This table presents collected information over numerous testing intervals. In this example the same truck has had an oil sample taken four times and each columns shows the changes in the condition of the oil. If you have only sent in single sample for a piece of machinery you will only see one sample column.

    Included in this historical data analysis table is chemical status, chemical index, contamination index, dielectric changes and water content in solution (%).

    Graphs (Wear, Contamination, Chemistry):

    These graphs simply show the condition of the oil in relation to the colour indicators. The more samples you have sent in for a single machine, the more points will be available to track the condition of the machinery.

    The LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants PDF Document Component


    The trivector represents the colour indicator condition of the oil.

    Example 1 demonstrates what a poor-condition oil would appear as. The wear, contamination and chemistry colour indicators are all in red. The numerical data to the left of the trivector represents the extremity of the condition of the oil.

    Reference Comparison Graph:

    This graph compares the immediate condition of the oil sampled to the original condition of the oil provided.  The green line represents the immediate sample and the orange line represents the original oil.

    Observations & Actions:

    The observations are indicating the results of the oil analysis. Actions are recommendations for improving the oil and machinery. The text in the box to the right of observations and actions summarises the results of the report.

    Example 2 demonstrates what a perfect sample will appear as.