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    Heavy Duty Transmission Oil

    Product Code Product Description SAE GL
    LA 403 Auto-Transmission Fluid 10W
    LA 470 Transmission Drive Gear Oil 10W 3
    LA 473 Transmission Drive Gear Oil 30 3
    LA 475 Transmission Drive Gear Oil 50 3
    LA 476 Transmission Drive Gear Oil 60 3

    LA 403 Automatic Transmission Fluid Type DEXRON IIIH

    A high heat resistant ATF formulation with premium PARA-SYN base stocks and advanced TRI-SLYDE additive technology to meet the challenging demands of the automatic transmission environment.

    This product has heat resistance of up to 176°C and performs as a transmitting hydraulic medium. It’s high-purity formulation eliminates sludge drag, gum scouring and varnish deviation. With oxidative-resistance this oil prevents corrosion, rust and the formation of surface scale.

    This oil is efficient in winter and summer and provides temperature stability for superior automatic transmission operation for up to 40,000km.

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    LA 470, LA 473, LA 475 & LA 476 Transmission Drive Gear Oil

    LA 470 series is a specialised Transmission and Drive Train Oil (TDTO) that has been uniquely formulated to meet every special requirement of Caterpillar specification TO-4 and Allison C-4 for bronze parts in high-speed gearboxes. This transmission drive gear oil series is not a compromise fluid, as are conventional power-shift fluids that fundamentally are engine oils.

    Manufactured from 100% high-purity PARA-SYN® base oil, this product series offers anti-scuff, anti-wear, anti-friction characteristics. The high oxidation-resistance allows high heat thermal stability, resistance to sludge formation and low temperature fluidity. The exclusive Tri-Slyde® additive package ensure this product series maintains long-term anti-wear protection under severe conditions.

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