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    Industrial Gear Oil

    Product Code Description SAE GL FZG AGMA DB Mild EP Extreme EP
    LA 450 Industrial Gear Oil 150-680 3 12 Ÿ
    LA 480 Heavy Duty Differential Gear Oil 75W/90 5 >12 Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ
    LA 490 Variable Purpose Oil 80W/90 5 >12 Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

    LA 450 Industrial Gear Oil

    A specialised and premium industrial extreme pressure gear and bearing oil, providing exceptional protection where high loads and/or high temperatures are encountered and where water contamination from external service areas cannot be avoided. LA 450 Industrial Gear Oils provide excellent anti-friction characteristics where bearings, steel gear transmissions and steel phosphorous-bronze gear units operate.

    This product operates at ultra-low temperatures with longer oil drain intervals, improved reliability and resistance to acidic sludge formation, gums and insoluble deposits.

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    LA 480 Heavy Duty Differential Gear Oil

    LA 480 is an enclosed gear oil manufactured from special selected PARA-SYN™ base oil incorporating low pour point additives to give SAE 75W/90 characteristics yet providing GL-6 performance. The LA 480 SAE 75W/90 is based on a special methacrylate-type VI polymer and low pour point mineral oil. Based upon the proven technology of Tri-Slyde® gear protection, LA 480 is for use in extreme gear load applications.

    This product can operate in both ultra-low and higher temperatures and maintains lubricant stability. The oxidation-resistance eliminates thickening whilst the thermal stability eliminates thinning and sludge formation. The vibrational-resistance of this product reduces the noise level in gear systems.

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    LA 490 Variable Purpose Oil

    LA 490 Gear Oil is a water resistant variable purpose gear lubricant that is manufactured for industrial maintenance applications in worm gears, hypoid gears, gear heads, spur gears, bevel and helical gears and planetary gears as well as quad boxes and/or gear boxes with more than one counter-shaft.

    This product controls acid wear, frictional wear, condensation wear and allows gear boxes, transmissions and differentials to run cooler, smoother and at maximum efficiency providing less downtime to produce the best service life for machinery.

    This oil is resistant to condensation and humidity etc. and eliminates emulsification with its closed molecule structure. With a strong heat resistance this product offers protection against the formation of sludge and carbonaceous deposit build-up.

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